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Project Category: Landscape Architecture

North Site at Cathedral of St. John the Devine

Patrick Holder while partner with the firm Aarris Atepa Architects was the partner charged with providing the landscape gardens around the North Site Residence located on the northern edge of the Cathedral of Saint John’s Divine in Harlem. The general design concept was to provide either or both a physical or visual extension of those interior spaces that access the outdoor spaces directly. The outdoor space on the plaza to the east of the residence embraces this design concept as it provides a garden vista on access with the elongated interior gym at the northeast corner of the building...

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Shepard Project

This Southern California residence took on a rear yard make-over with a focus on transforming the originally steeply graded rear yard, which was susceptible to mud slides, into a gradually terraced undulating landscape garden walk. Using plant material native to the California region we were able to stabilize the soil in the area of surface runoff; create terraced platforms thru the use of timber form retaining walls and eliminate the potential for mud slides. The planting material offer seasonal color changes and visually block adjacent residences which run close to the property lines to the north and...

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Park Slope landscaping

This Landscape design for the rear yard of a Dermatology Office with a Spa, incorporates a covered deck as a transitional space between the indoor sauna and the outdoor Jacuzzi. The Client, a leading NY Dermatologist envisioned a space where her clients after receiving physical/medical treatment could proceed directly within the same complex to a spa environment via sauna, Jacuzzi and relaxing garden to complete their treatment through mental and physical means. After completing the construction of the 2-story office space at the end of 2014 work was completed on the outdoor space in the summer of...

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