While Co-Partners with Aarris Architects, Atepa East contributed to the design of these projects:
Ruggles Lounge
Consisted of renovating unused basement space at Columbia University’s Ruggles Residential Hall. The basement previously had limited use by students, due to its lack of a common area, unpleasant interior appearance and less than ideal study space.
Our approach was to bring life into the space, by opening up the layout, creating comfortable study space, incorporating easy to clean floors. In addition, we introduced usable spaces like the gym, functional bathrooms, and an enlarged laundry room.

Carman Lobby
This award winning design features a “living column” (green wall) at the entry of the space. The lounge is divided in four spaces: Entry from the first floor to waiting area, café-area which is connected to the existing kitchen, stage area for formal and informal lecture and performance, and small study/gathering area with study boards. The performance area is suitable for opening mike sessions and other performances. The kitchen is connected visibly by elongated windows to the lounge and spatially with a new door opening. The kitchen and the café area of the lounge are connected by the use of similar floor tiling and accents. Over-all design consists on the green-friendly material, flexible furniture for flexible arrangement of the space.

Schapiro Lounge
This 1st floor lounge project introduced a pleasant entrance to the building, emphasizing the visibility of the lounge, creating some functional spaces needed for students, such as gym and study rooms. Aarris Atepa Architects introduced bright colors and lighting to create lively atmosphere. The space now can serve multiple purposes with flexible and variable types of furniture.

Columbia Business School
Following a highly competitive process, Aarris Atepa Architects , LLC was selected as the Associate Architects on the Columbia Business School project, as part of the Manhattanville expansion. The project consists of 450,000 sf. of new construction of two new buildings for CBS. The Prime Architect is Scofidio and Renfro, and Architects of the record is FX Fowle. As Associate Architects on the team, Aarris Atepa Architects was responsible for the design, and development of three of the significant gathering spaces in both buildings. The dedicated dining (ranging in functions from formal to classroom). The dedicated dining, located on the north west corner of building No. 7, is to be the signature space for Emerging Media, and dignitaries. the private dining, on the opposite corner, was also part of the scope. Finally, the multi-purpose room, the largest space in building No. 6, offers a versatile space, designed to support a number of different functions.